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2020 HBCU Men's Senior Invitational to be held in Washington, DC on April 4 - 5.

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The 2020 HBCU Invitational will be held in the Washington, DC area. Upon registering, players will receive the address of the host gym and can plan their best transportation route.

All registered players should plan on arriving in Washington, DC by 10 am on Saturday, April 4. Orientation will begin at 1 pm at the host gymnasium.

If traveling by car, it is recommended to use google maps to plan your best route and travel option(s) to arrive at the gymnasium.

If traveling by train, the Washington, DC Metro center station is approximately 21 minutes (via car) from the gymnasium. If using the Washington, DC metrorail, the Addison Road station on the blue line is approximately 8 minutes (via car) from the gymnasium.

If traveling by plane, there are 3 main airports in the Washington, DC area that can all allow a player to arrive in the Washington, DC area and the host gymnasium in adequate time. Washington, DC Dulles airport (IAD) is approximately 49 minutes (via car) from the gymnasium. Washington, DC Ronald Reagan International airport is approximately 24 minutes (via car) from the gymnasium. Baltimore/Washington International Thurgood Marshall airport is approximately 44 minutes (via car) from the gymnasium.

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