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2020 HBCU Men's Senior Invitational to be held in Washington, DC on April 4 - 5.

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The registration fee allows players to participate in the event. The hotel accommodations can be obtained by the player online by looking at Washington, DC area hotels. It is feasible that a player can check-in at a hotel on Saturday, April 4 and check-out the following day.

If a player has other accommodation options and is in no need of a hotel, once registered, he will receive the location for the host gymnasium of the 2020 HBCU Invitational and should plan his travel time to the gymnasium accordingly.

There are 2 safe and budget friendly hotels (approximately $120 per night) near the host gymnasium. The Holiday Inn Express located at Camp Springs, Maryland, and the Quality Inn also located in Camp Springs, Maryland. If a player would like to to have a lower rate and wants to room with another registered player, the cost is $75 for the one night stay, and he can choose the registration plus hotel accommodations registration option. Premiere Sports will reserve the booking for the player, assign the player a roommate with another registered player, and he will receive his hotel accommodations and name of his roommate prior to the event.

The Holiday Inn Express and the Quality Inn are approximately 10 minutes (via car) and 40 minutes (via Washington, DC metro bus) from the host gymnasium.

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