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After 9 years of the successful Premiere Exposure/Education Summer Pro Leage, and the many players assisted and 6 years of competitive Premiere Select tour teams, Premiere Sports, LLC has decided to continue its expansion by way of the most recent advances of the Premiere European camps. We appreciate the numerous inquiries and all the positive responses so many players, coaches, and agents had into what have simply become Premiere Summers.

Premiere Sports, LLC feels very fortunate to have developed a strong presence in Europe, and continues to always receive a great response in Germany video. In our efforts to continue to assist the many players in search of their professional basketball goals, Premiere Sports, LLC plans to continue to find, discover (educate), and place talent by way of its USA Premiere Camps.

Premiere Sports, LLC hopes to respond to the already many requests to host a Premiere Camp in various US cities, in example, New York, Philadelphia, Washington, DC, Baltimore, Miami, Chicago, and long awaited introduction of Premiere Sports, LLC to the west coast in either Los Angeles or San Diego. Toronto is a likely first Canadian location. Premiere Sports, LLC is simply on another level.

To all those who have been impacted by the Premiere Exposure/Education Summer Pro League, as well as, the Premiere Select tour teams, we say "thank you." Premiere Sports, LLC would like to encourage all players with real professional goals to get ready. Prepare yourself, the future is near. Next stop?

It is officially Game Time! Are you ready?

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