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Are you ready? It's a Premiere Planet.

Premiere Sports, LLC is the leader in professional basketball in providing... more

The Premiere Exposure/Education Summer Pro League is the official East Coast Home for... more

"It was the Premiere Exposure/Education Summer Pro League that got me in the door to play (professionally) and I thank you..." more

The Premiere Select international travel team is an opportunity for... more

The Premiere European Camp allows the top performer(s) the opportunity... more

Boston is the capital city of Massachusetts... Premiere Sports, L.L.C. proudly welcomes you to the city where... more

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2020 HBCU Women's and Men's Senior Basketball Banquet. more

"And yet not a dream, but a mighty reality- a glimpse of the higher life, the broader possibilities of humanity, which is granted to the man who, amid the rush and roar of living, pauses four short years to learn what living means." - W.E.B. Dubois

This one is for the HBCU Family.

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