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2019 HBCU Invitational to be held in Washington, DC on June 21-22
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The cost for the 2019 HBCU Invitational is $125 or $100 pre-registration (before June 15). Online registration will begin on May 20. All players must have played collegiately and completed their collegiate eligibility at a HBCU during the 2018-2019 season.

Players will get to play at least 2 games and will be provided information on the next phase of their basketball career.

Each registered player will be able to attend the One Premiere banquet held during the event and hear information by the designated guest speaker.

Players will get to compete and network with fellow 2019 HBCU senior men's players from various conferences, receive pro level training and fitness instruction, and gain helpful useful information vea lectures that can prepare them for their professional adventure.

Every player will receive a game t-shirt, shorts, and HBCU Family t-shirt or One Premiere drawstring bag.

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